Release Calendar
Release Calendar

Only on this site

The Tang300 NFT series will only be released on this site, although existing owners may list the NFTs for secondary sale on other NFT exchanges.

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Progressive Release

Each NFT features careful English rewrites of the original Chinese poems and are individually crafted for originality. Of the 30 NFTs in each poem series, the first 25 will be released per the schedule below. 5 will be reserved for release upon completion of all 300 artwork.

NFTs from the 4th Release

Up to 8,888 ADA

Wang Chang Ling, Fortress by the Border

Wang Chang Ling, Beyond the Fortress

Li Bai, Silent night’s reminiscence

Forge, which allows for the combinations of NFTs will officially open on 2nd Jan 2022.

The second collection of 3 new poem series will also be launched on the same date.

Series: Lu Lun, Songs from Borderlands I

Series: Du Fu, Dreaming of Li Bai II

Series: Meng Hao Ran, Morning in Spring

The first presale will be launched on 20th December 2021. Passcode for the pre-sale purchase will be released exclusively via our Telegram, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Series: Li Bai, Drinking alone with the moon

Series: Lu Lun, Songs from Borderlands II

Series: Du Fu, Dreaming of Li Bai I

To commemorate the launch of the Tang 300 Artwork, we will be airdropping 9 NFTs from the first three poem series.

The first airdrop will be held on the 17th of December 2021.

To participate in the airdrop, simply join our Telegram group or follow our Twitter and Instagram accounts.

3 NFTs will be given out to to our Telegram group members, 3 for our IG followers and 3 for Twitter followers.

Winners of the airdrop will be notified via Direct Messages. If unclaimed by the 20th of December, the airdropped NFTs will be rolled over into the Dec 2021 Presale.